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Breeding is a Bitch- offers helpful information on how to start off, nutrition and animal husbandry

  • Breeding management including determining optimal time of breeding and artificial reproductive techniques
  • It comprehensively covers genital diseases, pregnancy,  whelping, lactation, dystocia, caesarean section,  fertility problems, reproductive efficiency, neonatal disease and puppy survival
  • Routine preventative health measures, parasite control and various matters and conditions relating to the keeping of dogs and large dog colonies
  • Practical basic and advanced genetics for dog breeders is comprehensively covered

Price  R799
Euro 55
US Dollar 75
Pound 38
Australian Dollar 80

A4 Hardcover- full colour throughout
310 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9921910-6-1

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Dr Kurt De Cramer was born in Belgium in 1962, where he attended primary school. His family later immigrated to South Africa where he completed high school and qualified as a veterinary surgeon from the Faculty of Veterinary Science, Onderstepoort, University of Pretoria, in 1986. He completed his National service at the Bourke’s Luck dog training unit where he was introduced to the breeding of service dogs and their health problems. He started his veterinary career at a research laboratory and entered private practice in 1992 when he co-founded the Rant-en-Dal Animal Hospital. In furthering his studies he obtained his Master’s degree MMedVet (Gyn) – Specialist theriogenologist (Animal reproduction) degree from the same university and is currently completing a PhD study. As a general practitioner he focuses on running a busy small animal practice. However, he attends to numerous reproduction cases in small animals as a specialist. Dr De Cramer has extensive experience with service dog breeding and neonatology. Dr De Cramer has remained in close contact with his Alma Mater through collaboration in research projects, acting as external for pre and post graduate examinations and as referee of research protocols and scientific articles. This collaboration has led to the publication of numerous articles in various international journals. Dr De Cramer closely collaborates with dog and cat breeder associations. He has written and presented many breed specific seminars and held numerous talks on various aspects of dog and cat breeding. His habit of digitally capturing almost all cases he encounters in his practice has led to an extensive collection of digital images of veterinary interest, specifically on small animals and exotic species. His inquisitive mind compels him to continue making a contribution to the science of dog breeding; constantly researching and solving clinical problems that breeders experience. This he manages despite time constraints placed upon him by private practice activities. Dr De Cramer is married to Zelda and has two children, Kyle and Mira.

Kurt is probably the most appropriate author I know of a book covering such an ambitious field that is aimed at both laypersons and professionals interested in canine reproduction. He has “qualified” to do this both on paper via the formal, academic route and via the real-life school of many years of “in-practice” experience. Kurt is both a veterinarian with specialist registration in veterinary reproduction and is a partner in a busy small-animal practice with arguably the largest clientele of dog and cat breeders in South Africa. He communicates fluently on many levels, being equally at-home with peer-reviewed scientific publications as he is with the first-time breeder in a consultation.  Kurt has been the energy force behind many breeders’ seminars and talks. His interest has motivated him to visit breeders and veterinary practices at home and abroad to further his knowledge in this most productive of fields. His drive to solve many of the dilemmas of breeding has resulted in research trials with valuable observations that have enhanced his own, as well as his colleagues’ approach to many of these challenges. The results of this have been demonstrated by his status amongst breeders from the smallest to the largest operations.
Prof. Martin Schulman, Veterinary specialist (animal reproduction), researcher and lecturer at Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria a, Onderstepoort.


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